2SLGBTQI Affirming Care

I counsel clients who are struggling with gender and/or sexual identity. Often times there is fear, anger, internal feelings of homophobia or transphobia, and sadness as they worry of not being accepted and supported by their family and friends.

Many times when individuals come out to their families and friends, there can be conflict and confusion. This can be a very difficult time and I am here to help clients identify their barriers. We talk about fears, society’s pressures and stigmas placed on them, and then work together to help find their best path to being their authentic self.

My beliefs are each individual has the right to identify how they choose, and that only they know what is best for them and their life. I work with individuals who are just coming out, contemplating transition, beginning transition or just needing some help during a life transition.

I help clients identify shifting personal relationships with family and friends, explore sexuality and gender identity, as well as internal and external homo/transphobia.

With years of relationship counselling in many areas, I strive to offer a safe, supportive and affirming environment that allow couples and families to talk, reflect, navigate, and form goals for the future together.

I am continually updating and completing affirming 2SLGBTQI therapies, as conventional therapies are richly steeped in heterosexual cis-normative research that often does not offer individuals in the 2SLGBTQI community affirming therapy solutions.

I work from an anti-oppressive, trauma informed, feminist, sex/relationship/body positive, and harm reduction strength based lenses to which I apply to all my therapies.

I am qualified to complete SRS Secondary Assessor letters to OHIP.

For some clients it may help to know I identify as a queer trans male, which allows me to offer a professional and personal outlook around identifying in the 2SLGBTQI community.