What does counselling with me look like? In your first session we will talk about what difficulties you are experiencing. We will cover some background topics so I can better understand you and the barriers you are experiencing. We can then formulate a counselling plan to fit your specific needs. During the first session I will most likely takes some notes, but future visits will be note free while we are in session.

My counselling style focuses on you and your needs. I am here to listen and provide a safe, welcoming and reflective environment for each person that I work with. I use this perspective to help each client identify their barriers, provide hope, and offer tools to each client so they may find their best path towards happiness.

I counsel individuals from many backgrounds and with differing challenges. I focus on the clients needs and desires to create a counselling experience developed specifically for them. I offer structured and non-structured sessions according to what the client is most comfortable with. I am experienced in working with individuals that have multiple challenges facing them including mental and physical health.

There are many approaches or tools that we can use to help break down barriers. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused, Relational Talk Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Inner Child care and Mindfulness with an overall holistic approach to your entire well-being. Other therapies may be used to meet your specific needs.

I am experienced working with clients in immediate crisis, as well as short, and long-term counselling.