You have just made the first step in moving beyond your barriers, and perhaps one step closer to feeling the freedom of being your authentic self.

"My counselling style focuses on you and your needs. I am here to listen and provide a safe, welcoming and reflective environment for each person that I work with."


I counsel individuals from many backgrounds and with differing challenges. I focus on the client’s needs and desires to create a counselling experience developed specifically for them. I offer structured and non-structured sessions according to what the client is most comfortable with. I am experienced in working with individuals that have multiple challenges facing them including mental and physical health.


LGBTQ2SI+ Affirming Care

My beliefs are each individual has the right to identify how they choose, and that only they know what is best for them and their life. I work with individuals who are just coming out, contemplating transition, beginning transition or just needing some help during a life transition.



Serving the Scarborough and Durham Region